Homecoming at the Sett: Event Report Summary

by Sirius Fudge

It had been fifteen years since the founding of HOL Virtual Hogwarts. It had been fifteen years of friendships, Harry Potter roleplays and classes, earning of house points, and fun memories that each HOLers share with each other. Fifteen years had passed but the spirit of Harry Potter is still very much alive until now. Fifteen years is a good number for a reunion in the Sett.

Homecoming in the Sett aimed for past and present Hufflepuffs to rekindle the badger spirit in each of them. Invitations had been sent by several owls to the alumni badgers to come to the Sett for a one-month visit. And the house was surprised to witness the coming back of the legend Belle Black and Pezzie Wolfe. Also inspired to go back were Prof. Macquelly John and Prof. Rachel Selenia. Present badgers were excited to meet and get to know them. It also served as the welcoming activity for our ickles like Reggy Faraday.

At the Welcoming Gathering, several discussions already ensued in the Fireplace. The Wizarding Times was a great topic for the attendees, as there were several WT copies in one of the tables. Our HoH Fels and HoH Rorey would then reminisce some of the articles that they wrote. They also missed the people behind the publications of the WT the past years.

Other discussions include remembering Lady Taia, reminiscing Parker’s troublemaking, the fluffy socks and the shiny citrines, quidditch, past troublemaking (Fels and Belle *coughs*) until now (Tarma *coughs*). Other heartwarming discussions were the reasons why they love HOL, giving an ode to alumni, ended with their message to the house.

An interesting part of the reunion was the pairing up of student and alumni/professor where they get to know each other more. Topics include personal ones such as the reason in joining HOL to familiarizing themselves to the colorful history of the house. Another hot topic was the dynasty of the badgers in winning the house cup several years ago. It motivated the current badgers to try getting back he house cup once again. With encouragements from the alumni, professors, hopefully, we get to see the cup in the Sett again.

The house slave, er, mini prefect Maxim Trevelyan facilitated the game of “Bring Me” where reunionists can conjure some memorabilia items from their time in the school. Old homework essays from several classes that time surfaced.

Of course, what’s reunion without games? The most famous game of the reunion is the Keep or Kidnap Game. Competitive battling resulted to the game not finished until the end of the reunion. Another game that is popular in the homecoming is the recent 2048 game, a puzzle to the delight of the alumni and current students of the house.

The reunion ended in a grand ceremony, awarding House Superlatives for this edition of the reunion, as well as a house photoshoot session with the results to be seen in this edition of the Wizarding Times. See you again until the next homecoming.