Sett Reunion: Homecoming Activity Report 2

by Sirius Fudge

Sirius is standing at the middle of the common room. The room has a banner with the words Happy Homecoming on one side and Welcome Ickle Firsties on the other. It has been a great first week of class. The Sett is filled again with people. But Sirius is nervous because he will be the emcee for the night's closing ceremony of the homecoming. 

At least for the part of giving out awards and more awards. It had been a joyful reminiscing for the past weeks. Knowledge had been passed and will be continuously cherished in these halls. Now that the Sett has some window of silence, Sirius started to speak.

“Good evening, badgers. Good evening to our HOL headmaster Zoki, our HoHs Fels and Rorey, professors, alumni, staff, and students, welcome to our closing ceremony. Hopefully, we learned a lot in the homecoming. Of course, especially to our alumni and students who came back, thank you. Welcome to the Sett Homecoming Superlatives! A number of people send in their nominations and the results are surprising, and very interesting! *nods* Let us now announce the winners!”

The first award is the Most Likely to Become Minister of Magic. The thing is, we have a 5-way tie! Congratulations to the winners - Prof. Tarma Amelia BlackHoH Felicia HartwickProf. Opal Dragonfly, our Quidditch captain Marcie Hobber, and HoH Rorey Padfoot! Somehow, it is awesome that we have 5 potential Ministers in our house!

Marcie went up the stage and gave her speech. "Oh wow! Gosh! I can't believe I get to become Minister of Magic alongside all you other awesome people! I will rule you with a fair fist er..hand." 

The next award is the Most Likely to Dominate the World. The nominees are Maxim Trevelyan, HoH Fels, and Prof. Tarma. We have a tie, again! Congratulations to Maxim and Fels! Uh oh, the Charming one is starting its journey to domination. HoH Fels, you have some serious competition. 

Off we go to Most Likely to Get Expelled from Hogwarts. The nominees are Sirius Fudge, Maxim, Riliey Starshine, and Belle Black. Who will it be? None other than Maxim Jolie Chaming Trevelyan! I wonder why. As stated by one of our nominators, "not sure why but he strikes me as a troublemaker!" Receive your award Maxim, come here and make your speech.

Maxim, winning two awards, went up the stage, and gave his speech. "I am so SURPRISED that I got that award *hugs it tightly* I'll be short. Y'all are awesome and I'm glad to be part of this house!" 

Belle almost choked on her butterbeer (yes, she is still celebrating from creating an avatar) when she heard that she was nominated for Most Likely to Be Expelled.  She was very confused.  She was a model student!! She thought that there was no way she would ever be expelled.  How these rumors about people hanging on chandeliers, giving all the newbies homework grades of Troll, encountering basilisks, writing a guide about how to cause mischief had started was a mystery.  It was actually absurd and shocking that people actually believed these rumors!

Tarma was very pleased to see other mischief-makers being nominated too! "We have a very good Sett." She said. 

Riliey entered the common room expecting to see all her fellow house members and a few new faces settling in to the start of a new school year. To her surprise, she saw Sirius standing in the middle of the room and almost every badger, new and old, intently listening to his announcement. As she quietly stepped up to the back of the crowd she noticed a banner hung up with the words "Happy Homecoming" written on it. She winced as she pictured the invitation sitting at the bottom of her trunk, how could she have forgotten about this event?!

Sirius was just announcing who was Most likely to get expelled from Hogwarts, "Sirius, Maxim, RILIEY STARSHINE!" What, Riliey thought, Who would have nominated me?  Then she remembered how she was always turning up to these things late, sneaking around in the background trying to not be noticed. It was no wonder her fellow badgers thought she might be up to no good! She listened to the list, and was surprised to hear her name again under most likely to be suspected as a Ravenclaw. Now, that made more sense!"

Now for our next award, Most Likely to Crash their Broom. The nominees are Tarma, Lamia Brickley, Lilly Anderson, and Sirius. The award goes to Tarma! The funny thing is, the reason is "because she's too busy drinking espresso at the goalpost". Congratulations, Tarma! I thought it is the sight of those little thing flying around the pitch, those with golden fluttering wings, snitches.

Tarma remarked *rotfl* "Most likely to crash my broom? But but - not espresso! No! A breve!!! Thank you all for the nominations!  

Our next award is Most Feared Hufflepuff. The nominees are, and what an all-star this list is: HoH Fels, Quidditch captain Marcie, the Headmaster Zoki Phantom, and HoH Rorey Padfoot. Wow, what a list! The award goes to the Zoki! Applause for our headmaster!

Marcie was flattered to be nominated most feared, but kind of glad she didn't win it because she does want new Hufflepuffs to feel free to come play with the team in #Huffquid when she decides to end her prolonged summer vacation.. which is soon, she promises! Though she has a feeling she might be kidnapped by Parker soon. There seem to be some sort of campaign, so her 'holiday' may be extended. *G*

And for the last award for this set, we have the Most Loved Hufflepuff. The nominees are Lilly, Sirius, HoH Fels, HoH Rorey, Lady Taia, and Prof. Tarma. Who do you think is the most loved? None other than Fels! Congratulations Fels, well deserved!

"Now on to another set of awards!" Sirius exclaimed after he went up the stage.

Most Likely to Have an Alliance with Parker. The nominees are: Prof. Kath Snape, Prof. Rorey Padfoot, Pezzie Wolfe, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Maxim Trevelyan. And the award goes to: Kath! Still the undisputed friend of Parker. *nods* It is interesting to note that most of the nominees are our professors. *coughs* 

Our next award is Most Likely to Play Pranks on Others and Blame Parker for It. The silly nominees are our new ******** Ivelisse Ada, Sirius Fudge, Prof. Tarma, our ickle Reggy Faraday, and Prof. Kath. Woot! The winner is *drumroll* Tarma! Nothing surprising there. Let us move on to the next award. Woot! Welcome to the silly people club, Reggy!

Reggy, in his seat, commented "Yaaay, the silly club! I have a lot of catching up to do to get on Tarma's level, though...! Congrats, everyone!!"

Meanwhile, Pezzie remarked "Moi? With Parker? Never. I mean...not that I don't...well...maybe that one time...".

We move now to Most Likely to Break the Sett Down. The nominees are the headmaster Prof. Zoki Phantom, Prof. Tarma, Sirius Fudge (But, but...), HoH Rorey, and HoH Prof. Felicia Hartwick. The winner is Zoki! Is this the confirmation of who caused the Great Sett Breakdown a few years ago that led to a total renovation of the Sett? Anyway, it's still you, Zoki.

And in relation to the previous award, we now go to Most Likely to be Blamed in the Breakdown of the Sett. The nominees: Headmaster Zoki, Chaming Maxim, our house poltergeist Parker, the resident Hufflepirate Ive, and the Cheeky One, Prof. Cosmo B. Mott. Who won? The winner is still Zoki. We know, headmaster, we know it is you.  

The next award, Most Likely to Fail in Entering the Sett and be Soaked in Vinegar. Now this is an interesting award. The nominees are: our alumna Belle Black, a returning professor Prof. Rachel Selenia, an ickle Reggy, and a second year Hermione Bronte. Who won? None other than Belle! Interestingly, she agreed with it since she nominated herself in this award. Have you experienced the vinegar curse, Belle? 

Belle started laughing because this award was completely true! It had taken Belle days to enter the sett for the reunion because she couldn't remember her student id or password!  She even had to have her former classmates look up the information for her. She stepped up to accept the award.  "Thanks guys! Thanks for having the reunion, thanks for looking up the info for me, thanks for telling me the password again and thanks for the vinegar."  

After Belle went to her seat, her seatmate Pezzie said "But Belle, you would think that I would have won that." Pezzie said then congratulates her friend "seeing how she usually get lost or something," Pezzie was just very happy to be back and surrounded by her Hufflepuff friends. As she always heard, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Rachel thought that it was very amusing - especially being nominated for Most Likely to Fail in Entering the Sett and be Soaked in Vinegar. (Hey, it's only been twice-or-so that she mislaid that password, and she totally blames the pixies.. or Parker.. or whoever hid her note...).

And the last award for this set, Most Likely to Stay the Most in the Kitchens. The nominees are: Prof. Tarma, Prof. Rorey, Hermione, and a Spiffy postgraduate, Askeron Kyle. We have a tie! The winners are Tarma and Asky! Woot! The Kitchen Club is flourishing.

Sirius continued for the last set of awards. "And now, for the last part of the Homecoming Superlatives, we present to you the following awards."

First in line is the Most Likely to be Suspected as a Gryffindor. The nominees are: Marcie Hobber, Pezzie Wolfe, and Meredith Malkins. Who holds the brave and passionate traits of a Gryffindor? The winner is Pezzie! As someone said, "she was brave enough to go into the Forbidden Forest and get lost there for a long long long time." Congratulations and receive your award! 

The next award is the Most Likely to be Suspected as a Ravenclaw. The wise and clever ones nominated are: Prof. Rorey Padfoot, Riliey Starshine, and Alex Sparks. The winner is our HoH Rorey! Our HoH is wise enough that she agreed with the award, having nominated herself. 

Of course, the next award is Most Likely to be Suspected as a Slytherin. We have five nominees: Maxim Trevelyan, Prof. Felicia Hartwick, Star Andromeda Black, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Belle Black. What's with the surname Black in this category? Funnily enough, we have FIVE winners! It is a five-way tie! Congratulations Maxim, HoH Fels, Star, Prof. Tarma, and Belle and for confirming the badgers' dark ambitious, passionate side. It is scary that we have 5 badgers winning the award.  

Belle was really beginning to question her fellow huffs- first nominated for most likely to be expelled (the model student that she was!) and now most likely to be suspected of a slytherin? seriously? Belle was an angel!!! How was this happening? Then the results said it was a 5 way tie.  Belle looked at the other winners suspiciously and started to feel afraid...very afraid... 

Star exclaimed "WOW!!!! Most Likely to be Suspected as a Slytherin!!! I think my family will actually be proud of me now.... As they are Slytherins and I am a Hufflepuff!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HONORS!!!"

Tarma sat and sipped her breve throughout the ceremony.  She sat in the very edge of the  common room, where the shadows were deep. The candlelight didn't reach into the alcove ... no.  She applauded all the appropriate moments, laughed when it was funny, groaned when it was even more funny.  Sirius was doing a very good job, she thought, of commanding attention throughout this entire presentation. HA!  She was vastly vastly amused at the 5 way tie of most likely to be suspected to be a Slytherin.  Maxim Black, Fels Black, Belle Black and Star Black. And her.  Yeah, the surname Black was highly appropriate for this ambitious and passionate group of folks.   She sipped again ... wondering ..... she hoped so strongly ... YES!

The next award is Most Admired Hufflepuff. The nominees are HoH Fels, Prof. Cosmo B. Mott, and Prof. Tarma. Wow, what a list! The award goes to HoH Fels! Well deserved, Fels!

Belle jumped out of her seat when her BFF won most admired Huff clapping and dancing and cheering "Go Fels!!" she would have dumped her pint of butterbeer on Felicia's head but didn't think it would be appropriate behavior and besides she didn't want to waste good butterbeer.

And for the Most Active Alumni, our nominees are Belle Black and Prof. Rachel Selenia. Thanks to you two for gracing the homecoming with your presence. The winner is Belle

Belle said in her speech: "Thanks again guys!  For having this reunion and for making me feel like I had never left! It's so wonderful to be back wandering the halls, getting to know all the newbies and reminiscing with old friends".

For the Most Active Student, the nominees: Sirius Fudge, Reggy Faraday, and Pezzie Wolfe. We have a tie! Congratulations to our ickle Reggy and our returning student, Pezzie! Great job, you two!

Belle cheered for Reggy and Pezzie- Belle loved torturing welcoming first years and figured Reggy was one to keep an eye on.  Actually since Belle had been gone for 5 years that probably gave her the right to torture get to know all the students in those five years as well.

Reggy exclaimed "And tied for most active student, wow...!" He flashed a big smile at Pezzie, and at Tarma. No hard feelings about that breve! Reggy clapped heartily for all the nominees and winners!

And the Homecoming King! Our nominees: Sirius and Reggy! The award goes to yours truly, Sirius. Beans will be sent to those who voted for me.  

Upon the announcement of the Homecoming King, Tarma's breve went flying. "Ooops..." she said, to the person on whom the breve splashed, and she quickly evanescoed the fluid on the person's garb and skin.  "Good thing it was mostly all gone?"

Belle, on the other hand, exclaimed rightly so - "yeah! you go awesome partner!" 

There was a horrible squeaking sound in the middle of the ceremony, and Reggy clamped his hands over his mouth. "Nominated for Homecoming King, seriously??" he said in a tiny voice. He probably didn't notice that breve that had gotten splashed over him.

For the Homecoming Queen! The nominees: HoH Fels, Belle, Hermione Bronte, Lilly Anderson, and Prof. Rachel. We have a tie! Looks like you will be sharing the crown with each other. Congratulations Belle and Prof. Rachel! Wow, two queens! 

Belle had tears in her eyes and blushed. "What a great honor!" She said.

Meanwhile, Rachel couldn't have been more surprised, especially with all those lovely nominees! "Homecoming Queen? Wow! This! Thank you, guys! I totally didn't expect that! I'm very happy for these beautiful awards. To those who arranged this reunion: Thank you! It's been so much fun! To everyone who participated: I feel blessed to be part of such an awesome House, filled with so many awesome people, with whom I can enjoy myself this much. We are all - each and every one of us - a reason that this place feels like a second (or first) home to so many of us. Let's all have another fun year together now!"

Sirius finished the program. "That is all for the Homecoming, folks! I would like to call in Maxim Trevelyan for our house homecoming portrait! As well as Headmaster Zoki, HoH Fels, and HoH Rorey for the ribbon cutting of the portrait to be hung in the common room!  Thank you everyone and see you in the next homecoming or activity!"

Lilly commented "Good Job everyone on all those shiny awards and smelly socks! It's been so much fun to meet and talk to you all!" 

After a thunderous applause for Sirius, Maxim took the stage. He took a roll of parchment out of his pocket and let it roll all the way down the floor. "I'll be short," Maxim grinned and winked at Sirius. "Since my co-host took his sweet time." Yeah, the second year thought he was being funny. That was totally a matter of a person's opinion. "We had a great time here," he continued, as Wilbur stumbled on the stage, hovering something very heavy, which was covered by a velvet curtain. "We saw many faces, old," he glanced at Tarma on purpose. "And new," he smiled at Reggy. "But without further ado, I ask the Headmaster and our lovely Heads of House to help me unveil the Hufflepuff portrait."

Homecoming photo

Beaming, Rachel thought what a lovely portrait it was! She was very happy to have been a part of this reunion. Although Riliey hadn't been at the photoshoot, she was there in the picture red curls and all! Someone must have spent some time looking through old photos to find that one! "Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! The portrait really did turn out amazing!" She said. That's how the closing program went by.