Reasons HOL is Loved: Homecoming Report 1

by Sirius Fudge

One of the confirmed things in the Sett Homecoming is the love HOLers and in this case, Badgers, have for HOL. Whether one is an active student in the early days of HOL from 2001 to the ickles of 2016, more or less similar reasons were displayed as to why they love HOL. From the interest and love to the Harry Potter stories of J.K. Rowling to the newfound friends and family-like relationships, as well as to the development of the self during their times in HOL, the loved site surely left a mark in each and every one's hearts.

Below are ten of the reasons each of the HOLers love HOL. Take a look and reflect the similarities you have with them, of why we love our home.


oh where to begin.....

the people.... the class....the humor.... the friendships.... our love of all things Potter ( even after all these years)... the activities (though not those logic puzzle...those and the death of me) the jigsaw puzzles.... mIRC (if it ever works for me)... the love of Quidditch (not me.. of all those who play the game... it just move too fast for me and I always want to go for some sarcastic answer first)... and where else can you  learn about all the different places in the world  from such lovely people.

- Prof. Felicia Hartwick, Head of House


I love HOL 

because it's almost like being a student at Hogwarts

due to the amazing people,

the interesting and funny and tricky and creative classes,

the activities all around the Sett (especially the logic puzzles )

those HOL wide contests,

earning house points and being at least a bit competitive,

but not letting competition rule the game, but friendship and fun.

It's a place to be creative both in art and writing,

and a place to just feel at home.

And after all this time of being absent, I come home and am welcomed by everyone.. always  

- Lamia Brickley, Third Year


1. The friendships

2. Fun classes

3. It taught me a lot about IRC and forum use

4. Writing fun RPG stories with others.

5. Learning the proper way to do RPG

6. It's HOL...need I say more?

7. The fun of being a Hufflepuff!

8. I was a Hufflepuff prefect once...

9. I miss being a Hufflepuff Cheerleader...I always will know we are the best!

10. Anyone remember Buddy the Badger mascot?

- Pezzie Wolfe, Fourth Year


*I started because of the classes and stayed on because of the classes

*Stayed on because of some of the people I met

*Harry Potter enthusiasts

*CANON enthusiasts

*referrals to other authors

*referrals to movies


*learning some about graphics, enough that I can do a little bit

*HOL activities

*admiration for all the talented folks of HOL

*that this really is a world-wide school with lots of folks from all over

*extreme admiration at the skill of people with English for whom it is a second, third or even fourth language

*more, much more

- Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, Professor


1) The dedication from students and prefects and professors

2) Making new friends in and out of Hufflepuff

3) Getting to collaborate with all sorts of people during games and activities

4) The 15 year legacy! (I actually stumbled upon HOL once back in 2002, and again in 2006, so HOL always feels a little nostalgic for me, even though I'm a first year)

5) The classes sound so neat, I can't wait for the fall term to start

6) Quidditch enthusiasm! The matches are incredible

7) Being a part of a one-of-a-kind community

8) Seeing everyone's talents and creativity and skills at art and puzzles, and feeling inspired to work on my own art and puzzle skills

9) The absolute warmth and welcome I find here

10) Honestly, being here has brightened my life by giving me a little world to get away to, where I can talk with lovely people

- Reggy Faraday, First Year


1. The classes.

2. It allows me to practise English while I have fun.

3. It challenges me. It makes me try new things, for example on Photoshop or writing long texts (for the WT or for the classes) or even logic puzzles (with not a good result anyway but yeah... xD)

4. It made me realize which was my house and made me feel proud of it.

5. People always is trying their best to make things for the rest of us to be entertained. Basically everyone works REALLY hard to make HOL possible.

6. Makes me feel creative, which is quite an accomplishment.

7. Quidditch. It has a really fun way of bringing it to life (I have to get back to botting!).

8. It has the Hogwarts spirit.

9. How people support each other.

10. Love the fact that we are all from different parts of the world, with different cultures and timezones but that didn't stop HOL in being organized and a success.

- Hermione Bronte, Second Year


There have been years when I haven't been very active, or in fact completely inactive, due to RL issues. But in the end I always return to HOL. My reasons for loving HOL and staying/always returning are:

- Prof. Rachel Selenia, Professor

You heard them right! HOL is well-loved and will always be loved. However busy or inactive we are at times, we will always come back or take a peek at the familiar halls of HOL.