Interview with an Overlord

by Maxim Trevelyan

For Hufflepuff’s revamped edition of Wizarding Times, one needs to have a special guest! This issue’s interviewee is someone who is in some pretty high places around HOL, earning himself the nickname “Overlord”. I am talking about no other than Prof. Dario Brighton. Even as a student, Dario was everywhere. He was Reserve Prefect for Ravenclaw, Student Teacher of Spy Class, A Journey to the World of Avatar 1 & 2, Transfiguration and The Treasure Hunt. He is currently a holder of many titles, most notable of them being Professor, Deputy Head of Gryffindor House, Member of the Head Office, Keeper of Grounds (also known as “administrator”), IRC OP, and the title he is most proud of, chief culprit if things go boom.

When was the first time you stumbled into The Sett? Probably when you were a student, right?

I joined the new common room in 2013. I believe I was a professor then. Actually, just before I became a professor.

So, you never went as a student, even to the old rooms?

Not really. I was quite a shy student. I stuck to my own common room and what seemed to be a safe area.

That sounds fair. What was the first activity you participated in that was going on in The Sett, or was hosted by a Hufflepuff student?

Haha! Funny you should ask that because my first post on the Sett was made today for the Off to School activity. But I did enjoy sneakily browsing around in the past.

Oh, sneakily browsing! What do you like the snoop about the most?

As you can see, I'm labeled as an admin on the forum, but my attention was always in the DoHGaS. Now that I think of it, my first post must have been there, actually. Either not counted towards the post count or deleted for forum cleaning. But I definitely took part in there a few seasons back.

As you have mentioned, you are listed as “Administrator” on the forum, which is an unusual position for someone from Gryffindor to hold. What happened there?

A few years back I was asked by the other administrators to help out with the more delicate issues that would require more advanced technical assistance. It was a great pleasure and honour to have been able to help out another house.

I am sure they were really glad The Sett is what it is now, thanks to you. It is really pretty! Who was the first Hufflepuff to befriend you, as a student or a professor?

Hmmmmm, being at HOL for many years has definitely left some things blurry. But I think it was Prof. Rachel Selenia, back in the day she was only a student, too. We took part in an activity, for which we grouped together on the same team. I do remember it was great fun.

Who from Hufflepuff do you think you are most close to now?

I would have to say that two current Hufflepuffs who have left the biggest mark on me are Prof. Tarma Amelia Black who is always a good sport about many things and shares my passion for crafts, especially knitting, and a Hufflepuff who might not be as involved in the Common Room, but demonstrates the core of Hufflepuff spirit - Prof. Zoki Phantom. We joined the Head Office at the same time, he was the Headmaster, and I was Keeper of Grounds. But I would say our friendship began many years prior to that on the IRC. Not to mention the guy can speak my mother tongue. Impressive, eh?

That is all the time our Groundskeeper, Prof. Dario Brighton, had for the interview. I would like to sincerely thank him for letting me bug him about it. Join me next time when we interview another person about their experiences in the halls of Hufflepuff.