My Time in Hufflepuff

Maxim Trevelyan - Squib - ma1876

As some of you may be aware, I became a Squib not long ago. While I did decide to leave Hufflepuff house, I will be forever grateful for what it has given me throughout the two years I had been its member. Most notably, the friendship and kindness.

I joined HOL on August 2nd, in 2015. What I thought would be a simple interactive forum with few activities, turned out to be much more. When I put on The Sorting Hat, I was surprised to be sorted into Hufflepuff. Not due to disliking the house, but rather thinking that I belonged elsewhere more. It was just a feeling that I had from reading the books, though honestly, the books are not a good indicator of houses anyway. I never really saw myself as a Hufflepuff, but I guess The Sorting Hat saw something in me.

After checking out all important HOL areas, I registered for The Sett. Luckily, around that time, a Hufflepuff prefect hosted a Term Starter program for all newcomers. Since I did not know much about HOL and Hufflepuff in general, I decided to participate and it was one of the best decisions I have made. After a couple of days of general activity, I was contacted by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, one of the oldest and most active badgers, who made sure that in my starting weeks I felt welcomed at The Sett.

The biggest highlights of my stay in Hufflepuff were the Spiffies, or as you may know them, Hufflepuff Quidditch team. I have no idea who it was that poked me into joining the Spiffies, I think it was either Tarma or Lilly Anderson, who was one of the co-captains around that time. I guess they saw something in me when I tried botting for Orientation and urged me to continue trying and practicing. After a while, I was asked by Marcie, the other captain, if I wanted to try out. I did not feel ready, but she assured me that I had what it takes to be a Spiffy. So, not wanting to go against two co-captains and several members, I decided to try out and actually, somehow, made it.

Even more surprising what the first match I ever played in. I got assigned as Chaser, together with Sirius Fudge. Being very nervous, I still managed to score 12 goals and was awarded MVP for that match, something I never considered possible, seeing how crazy fast and talented the other players were. This ignited the Quidditch fire in me and I got hooked after that. I am not particularly fast with my answers, nor really knowledgeable about the lore, but I always have fun.

Hufflepuff is often portrayed as the subpar house, one who gets all the rejects, one with common people. I even saw someone write that they were ashamed of being sorted into Hufflepuff. That could not be further from the truth. It is filled with amazing, kind, generous and just wonderful people, who partly made me who I am. People should consider themselves lucky to be a badger. I know I was.