Life with a pet dragon

By Pezzie Wolfe

If you were to see my HOL Profile page, you'd see that I have a pet dragon. No wings of course. Very gentle and sweet. Loves to cuddle with me. Eats bugs like Super Worms or Dubia Roaches. I know some might be like 'EW! Gross!' what do you expect a dragon to eat? Pumpkin pasties? My dragon also eats veggies and some fruits. So not all about the bugs, ok?

So some might wonder, a dragon? Really? Why not? This dragon is safe to carry around with me between classes and on days off from classes. Sometimes my dragon loves to get out and about and I have to go find my dragon. But trust me, if you run across my dragon, do not be afraid. My dragon loves meeting other students and staff.

OK, here's the info on my pet. My dragon is called a bearded dragon in the muggle world a type of lizard, reptile. It's a girl/female bearded dragon. Her name is Diva and she really lives up to her name. My care for her in real life is pretty simple. A 40-gallon tank, three types of lighting. One is called her day light. A special bulb and dome fixture that emits high heat for her to bask under. Another light is a UVB bulb fixture. This one is very important. As Diva is a pet, and indoors, she needs to have a form of UVB light like what the sun emits so she does not form a bone disease. Which is not good for bearded dragons. At night in cooler weather, I use another dome fixture that houses her ceramic heat emitter. This does not give off any light as it is best for bearded dragons to sleep without light and it emits warm heat to keep her warm on cool nights.

Diva has a hammock she sleeps in at night or if I'm up to it, I will let her sleep with me. She sleeps hard core. I'm always aware of her. I do not recommend sleeping with your own bearded dragon every day. Only cause one could roll over on top of them...and well...moving on. Diva has soft toys to cuddle on. I gave her a teddy bear 2 years ago when I first had her. She loves her climbing logs, her basking spot. She loves her "hooman" mommy (me!) a lot. She gives cuddle hugs when she knows I am sad. Or whenever she feels like it.

Her love for me and her memaw/my mom is a grandma to my baby girl. Yes, Diva is my baby. Life with her has been amazing. She is officially 2 years old this past June. Her 'gotcha' day is coming up. 2 years! Feels longer.

So, if anyone reading this is looking to learn more about bearded dragons, message me on HOL or Hufflepuff house. I'd be more happy to send you more info on bearded dragons.

OK, time to go hunt down where Diva!