Slythering in the Sett

by: Arianna Stonewater-Slytherin

Many Slytherins admit that if they couldn't be in the Dungeons, they would probably be flying high in the Roost. However, there are a few that believe regardless of their house, they belong on the ground and they find a second home in the Sett. I love visiting the home of the badgers as often as I can, and so the Sett has become my second home! Everyone is always so welcoming, and there are always snacks around! If it's your cup of tea, you can usually find coffee stuffed around in various nooks and crannies too (just make sure it isn’t from Prof. Tarma’s stash!)

My favorite part of this house, though, is the activities. They are often open to all of HOL and have quite diverse activities. One of my favorites is from the 2015-2016 school year; Parker’s Plunder. Parker, the house Poltergeist, had stolen Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup! The badgers enlisted all of HOL to help recover their beloved treasure. To ensure it was recovered, we worked in teams of two, one badger and one non-badger. I had a blast partnering with Maxim Trevelyan and some of the activities were really challenging! Another really great activity was when they partnered with Ravenclaw for a Wonderland-themed activity and had things going in both common rooms. The planning that went into it, to co-host activities across two common rooms while working with leaders from another group? Not everyone can do that!

I am always amazed at the activities they come up with, especially in the Department of Hufflepuff Games and Sports! I had never done a 2048 puzzle before and now I love them! The little competition of trying to be the first one to finish each challenge adds some thrills to my month! It’s really cool to see all the different themes they fit into the puzzles. The DoHGaS has the most important thing that always keeps me coming back though- the shiny diamonds! I love shinies and they help this snake feel like a dragon! To be honest, the diamonds are why I keep coming back to the Sett. Just kidding, it's the Puffs!

You'll be hard pressed to find a better group. They love to have visitors, just watch out for Parker! Running into a Hufflepuff in the wilderness of HOL, you will immediately know they are clever, friendly, and hard-working. I’ll get back to describing the Puffs more in a moment, but first I want to talk about another Hufflepuff Shiny- their awards!! Puffs have many awards which is an awesome way to reward all of their hard work! I bring this up because this house is so friendly, there are SEVERAL awards that can go to non-badgers, including one specifically for Lions/Eagles/Snakes called “Badger by Another Name.” But step past the kitchens into their common room and you’ll also discover that they are good-natured and hilarious pranksters (that totally reminds me, I have an Everlasting Coffee cup for Prof. Tarma….it’s sparkly pink!) Sometimes, even the Sett pulls pranks (like when poor Sirius got locked out and stayed with us in the Dungeons for a spell!) But you don’t have to take my word on any of this, just stop by the Sett and hang out with these lovable people!