Interview with a Badger - Reggy Faraday

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Since HOL opened its door to a new batch of First Years, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to corner one in The Sett and ask them some questions. The (un)lucky Badger for this issue is none other than Reggy Farady, a very active Hufflepuff, who already amassed so many points for our house! They are currently on the top of the list for Hufflepuff first years and in top 20 of HOL!

I know this must have already been discussed plenty on The Sett, but how did you discover HOL?

When I first discovered HOL, I was 11 and staying home sick from school. I think I stumbled across a potions class website and was so excited that there were online Hogwarts classes. I was too young to sign up at that time, and I don't even think I had an email address. Finding that class stuck with me, though, and years later in high school, I went looking for that online Hogwarts again. That's when I remember finding HOL specifically. Unfortunately, high-school me wasn't up for doing Muggle and magical schoolwork concurrently, so it's only been this term that I've gotten to throw my heart and soul into HOL. And I'm loving it!

Who was your first friend here? Was it a Badger or was someone from another house luckier?

Sky Alton was the first person I got to really talk to. We had a nice chat about creative writing. So I have a soft spot in my heart for HOL Gryffs.

Were you ever sorted into a non-Hufflepuff house?

Oh gosh, I had a HORRIBLE experience being sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore. I didn't really have a particular connection to any house at that time, but I hated hated hated it, I knew it wasn't for me. When the result came up on my screen with crimson and gold, I legit felt my heart hollow out. I was SO upset, haha! (No offense to Gryffindor, of course! Feeling mis-sorted is just uncomfortable). I blame that sorting on having been up for almost 24 hours. I re-took it on my friend's unused account after getting some rest, and it came up Hufflepuff. My initial response to that was "I guess" and a kind of jovial shrug, but as time went on, I've come to really feel like my home is with the badgers.

What was your first impression of Hufflepuff and its members? Good, normal, crazy?

My first impression was that they were tight-knit. It was honestly a little intimidating, like everyone already had such good friends. But there's a lot of warmth here, both among old friends and in reaching out to new faces. And yes, I'm definitely getting to see more of the crazy side of my fellow badgers!

What are you looking forward to at HOL and in Hufflepuff?

I'm a really short-sighted person, so I'm mostly just very stoked for Huffleween around the corner, haha! More broadly, I'm looking forward to continuing my classes and learning, and just seeing the seasons turn around HOL. Oh, and quidditch!!!!

So, I snooped around your profile and saw you already got us so many points! What's your favorite class so far? How come you picked those five classes? Are there any other you wish to see next term?

Oh man, I think, if I had to pick a favorite class, it'd be History of Witchcraft. The assignments are set up really well, so you can go as deep as you want with it, whether that means researching the tar out of the judicial structure of early modern England, or not! When picking classes, I knew I wanted a more historical class, and some general magical theory type classes. Ancient Runes and Wand-making are fulfilling that want very nicely! I chose Monsters in Cinema because I love horror movies, so I guess that's my "for fun" class. I also tried to pick courses that are relevant for OWLs, even though that's a pretty long ways off for me! But I know if I don't start thinking of it now, it'll creep up on me..! That's why I initially signed up for Intro to Divination, but I'm definitely enjoying it a lot in its own right.

What is your favorite type of homework? Essays, puzzles? Making graphics perhaps?

As much as I procrastinate on them, I love essays. That's where I really get to engage with the points in the lessons, and discuss stuff I've been thinking about. Sometimes they're hard to craft, or start, or finish (or all three), but I find the process of working through them incredibly rewarding.

If you went to real Hogwarts as a 11-year-old, with whom do you think you'd be friends with?

I would so be a teacher's pet. Not out of a desire to kiss up, but because I was such a soft and shy 11 year old, haha. I would probably follow Tarma around like a duckling. I think that Hermione Bronte and I would be pretty good 11 year old friends, as well!

We gather you're a great Harry Potter fan, being here and all, but what other fandoms are you a part of?

I'm big on Pokemon and Voltron right now. I wouldn't really say I'm "in" any other fandoms right now in the sense that I'm not actively engaged with other series to that same degree. I do greatly enjoy AHS: Roanoke and Mob Psycho 100 when new episodes/chapters are released, though.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell Hufflepuffs and HOL?

Honestly, the first thing in my head was "I love you"? That's so sappy though, haha. I guess I'll end with, "Good luck with the rest of the term, and let's talk soon!"

Thank you so much to Reggy Farady for the interview! We love you too!