Whether you are a new ickle or have been here for many years, I’m sure you have noticed the Black Lake. It’s a very prominent part of the school grounds and truly breathtaking to stare and get lost in.  This class will be held outside of the typical classroom and we will travel as a group through the school grounds to visit the lake from all sides and views.  I will discuss some of the known history and magical creatures that inhabit the lake. 

This class is for students of all ages and we welcome professors to join in the experience as well.  This tour includes a monthly informational assignment about each lesson we study.  No mischief making will be tolerated, as we want to show that students of the school can be trusted in this class setting.  

A little about me, I am Professor Rorey Padfoot of Ravenclaw.  I graduated after seven wonderful years as a student.  I loved the place so much I took on teaching here after my studies were complete.  If you see me in the halls feel free to say hello and ask questions, I am always happy to help.

Please check the F.A.Q.’s section to find answers to your questions or the Syllabus area to see what we will be studying. 

Have fun and try to stay dry!